New Frontier Ruckus Single Out Today + Pre-order The New Album

On Wednesday, Rolling Stone premiered Frontier Ruckus’ brilliant new video for 27 Dollars and today you can download the song. Downloaders who pre-order new album Enter The Kingdom via iTunes or Amazon Digital (here), will be able to download 27 Dollars right away. As previously reported, Enter The Kingdom, the band’s fifth album, will be out 17 February 2017. CDs and 180g transparent gold vinyl editions of the album can be reserved here, via the Loose Shop. Here’s the track listing :-

1. Visit Me
2. Gerunds
3. 27 Dollars
4. Our Flowers Are Still Burning
5. Positively Freaking
6. Sarah Springtime
1. Since Milford
2. Gauche
3. Nothing is Working
4. If You Can
5. Enter the Kingdom