24Hours of Lantern Society

Thursday, 12th November 2009

This week the Lantern Society celebrated there 24th Hour of broadcasting. Episode 24 recorded on 5.11.09 features an impressive debut by eight piece The Pony Collaboration, Benjamin Thomas spreading the gospel according to John Prine, Pat and Helen wielding a banjo and fiddle, Martin Ledner, with a special look at Ledner's former group The Roaring Hundreds, Hatty Longfield, and their trip into the LSRH archive uncovers a session from this year's Wood Festival with Brian from Stornoway.We caught up with Trevor Moss and asked him a couple of questions.What made you start the Lantern Society?We trawled the streets of town for years playing open mics, and never once were satisfied. We moved to London as so many do looking for the mythical community of players, that friendly world of possibility, but all we found was a sign up sheet, scenes of devastation as people tune up in toilets, and in one case even a bell to rudely announce when your time was up, mid song or otherwise. The bottom line was it didn't exist, this was a bitter realisation, and there was only one thing to do24 Hours is quite a notch to have reached, what do you have in store for us all?After a full year of recording we will be broadcasting a Christmas special, going live on Christmas day.  With all your favourite Lantern Society players sharing songs around the fire, exchanging presents, and joining in Christmas sing alongs, tune in to share the Christmas spirit with them.Do you have any hero and inspirations in cataloging music the way you are?Alan Lomax naturally should be top of everyone's list when it comes to field recording and cataloging music. Cecil Sharp too for English folk traditions particularly. As for recording, the usual suspects really, producers like Joe Meek and Phil Spektor are very influential, although Les Paul has to be the number one. Broadcasting heros, John Peel predictably and Bob Harris who I've had the pleasure to meet and play for which was a great honour. Getting to see Bob making his show at the London Radio 2 studio was a big influence on me. Despite it being a pre-record he makes it with the same process and intensity, all be it very laid back intensity as if going out live, something I now do with the Radio Hour.You can read all about the Lantern Society and listen to the whole archive here.www.trevormossandhannahlou.comTrevor Moss & Hannah Lou on MyspaceThe Lantern Society