American Songwriter Shares New Sons of Bill Song "Sweeter, Sadder, Farther Away"

Friday, 22nd June 2018

With just one week to go until the release of Sons Of Bill's new album, Oh God Ma'am, American Songwriter Magazine has shared opening track, Sweeter, Sadder, Farther Away. Singer and guitarist James Wilson tells them a bit about the song, the lyrics to which were written by his brother, Abe:"This is the one song on the record where we really wanted it to retain a timeless stylistic purity — keep the production sparse. While not all of our songs are as lyrically straightforward, we were all deeply influenced by the great balladeers — writers who could convey some timeless mystery of the human heart in a straightforward way. I think that Abe really captured something about love in this song — how the sentimental illusions of our memory perfects all things in hindsight — even (or perhaps especially) if it’s terrifying or tragic — that death freezes all things in the perfection of memory. It’s a song that reminds me a lot of Tom Waits’ aphorism, ‘Beautiful melodies telling me terrible things,’ or Rilke’s famous line from the Dueno Elegies, ‘For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure.’ It’s a love song and a suicide song, and I think it’s meant to be both beautiful and terrifying."Pre-order the album here. Find tour dates and tickets at