Andrew Combs' 'Canyons Of My Mind' Out Today

Friday, 7th April 2017

Andrew Combs' new record 'Canyons Of My Mind' is out today! Pick it up HERE from the Loose shop on CD or 180g LP.

"a superb, emotionally poignant album that displays and expands Andrew Combs’ impressive songwriting, musical and vocal talents."★★★★AMERICAN SONGWRITER

"Canyons ventures into more experimental folk textures: Nick Drake, Elliott Smith or even the acoustically adventuresome nature of Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. Combs, a staple on the young Nashville Americana scene, writes stories, not diaries: like a painter, his songs are coded interpretations of the world at large, presented to unfold a new way of viewing at the ordinary, the imperfect and the challenges ahead."ROLLING STONE

"Wonderful" 8/10THE DIGITAL FIX

"Andrew Combs is one of the most compelling voices in country music today. With each record, Combs continues to grow and mature, and on his latest, Canyons of My Mind, he plumbs the depths of his psyche to bring us something truly magnificent. Canyons of My Mind is an elevated, sophisticated record from an artist coming more and more into his own." 9/10GLIDE MAGAZINE

" does something very pure and hard to find: choosing harmony and orchestral elegance over excess. He sings in the vein of Harry Nilsson, Kris Kristofferson and James Taylor, artists whose work carries an element of effortless sincerity. Combs has shared that timeless quality since his first record and Canyons Of My Mind is an assured and accomplished continuation of that." 8.3/10PASTE MAGAZINE

"Den ene perlen avløser den andre. Det er elleve av dem!" / "One gem supersedes the other. There are eleven of them!" 5/6DAGBLADET

"one of the most promising Country artists in recent years" THANK FOLK FOR THAT

"A contemplative and sophisticated journey through the medium of Americana by a rising star of the genre." 8/10AMERICANA UK

"He has a voice of pure honey and the kind of natural charisma that makes you stop and take notice. Combs oozes class even in double-denim" NEMM

"Mr. Combs is shaping up to be considered in the same breath as the likes of Jackson Browne if he continues to forge ahead."BLABBER 'N' SMOKE

" If you appreciate a truly talented and phenomenal artist, then please give Andrew Combs a go as he is one of the best musicians of our time who really deserves a lot recognition."BUILDING YOUR OWN NASHVILLE

"An album of harmony, of sheer will and good thought, Andrew Combs’ Canyons of My Mind is the hand to hold when all is around you is noise." 9/10LIVERPOOL SOUND AND VISION

"‘Canyons Of My Mind’ deserves repeated listens and will take its place as a modern classic alongside 2010s albums by Jason, Sturgill, Kacey, Margo and Stapleton." YOUR LIFE IN A SONG

"With influential lyrics and an ear to the street Andrew Combs is an interesting artist to look out for and has proved this with this new record." MUSIC-NEWS