Andrew Combs NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Wednesday, 15th March 2023

Andrew Combs' NPR Tiny Desk Concert is available to watch now! For the performance, Andrew was joined by Jerry Bernhardt, Dominic Billett and Caleb Hickman and played songs from his latest and highly praised album Sundays, as well as a stunning version of 'Like A Feather' from his Ideal Man album.

"He is a risk-taker in his singing, songwriting and even in his visual art. The Nashville-based artist boldly moved away from his Americana pigeon-hole on his album Ideal Man, brilliantly flirting with rock and pop….Combs is an artist who keeps challenging himself and us. And isn't that what great art is supposed to do?” - Tom Huizenga, NPR Music

Check it out here -