Billboard Premieres Frontier Ruckus' Moving New Video For Enter The Kingdom

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017

Mega music site Billboard are hosting the premiere of Frontier Ruckus's incredibly moving new video for Enter The Kingdom, the title track from their latest album. Frontier Ruckus never fail to deliver when it comes to music videos, but this one's a little different. It came about when the band were approached by director Jay Curtis Miller at a show in Ohio. As Fruckus's lead singer & songwriter Matthew Milia told Billboard, "He came to our show in Cincinnati and said, 'This song means so much to me. Let me make a video for it. I gave him carte blanche and he got all these actors involved, started sending me head shots and everything. It turned into a whole production -- which was fine. I wanted this one to feel like a real film. It takes it to a place I could never have guessed with the song. My personal attachment of what the song means to me is not a very universal one, but that's necessary for a video so people can get a connection to it. The video deals with some very heavy stuff, but the song does deal with stuff that translates to that -- the fragility of the American household and family unit, and stuff like that. That it went to a different place is fine by me."Billboard describes the video as "a full-blown, atmospheric narrative about a family torn apart after the mother's death, and a bride who doesn't have a father to dance with at her wedding. Miller employs flashbacks and intimate close-ups to convey the sadness and longing of the story -- which, spoiler alert, has a heartwarming ending." Read the full feature here.