Breaking Act

Sunday, 5th July 2009

logo_timesonlineWho are they? A duo named after two Huckleberry Finn characters, Simone Felice (of the Felice Brothers) and Robert "Chicken" Burke have made a debut album brushed by the soft strokes of country-soul and pastoral, Californian-canyon folk-pop. World-weary, scuffed and covered in dust, and conjuring up a summer day with no clock to watch and no deadline that won’t keep, Nothing Gold Can Stay already has hovering not so very far above it the status of a classic.Felice, long synonymous with wild on-stage antics with his brothers, is transformed in Burke’s company: calmness (or as near as he can get to it) becomes him.When’s the record out?Nothing Gold Can Stay is released on Loose on July 20th.