Carson McHone To Perform Personal Concerts For Fans

Thursday, 26th March 2020

Despite having to cut her recent tour of Spain short, Carson McHone has come up with an alternative tour plan, announcing that she will be performing a series of very intimate "personal concerts" for up to five people at a time, live-streamed from her home in Texas. Pick your date, here. Carson explains the idea below.Two weeks ago I was on the northeast coast of Spain in San Feliux playing a show in a little stone church nestled in the woods beside the sea. Someone made a quiche and others brought wine and most everyone took home a record. It was supposed to be just the beginning of my first Spanish tour but instead I flew home the next morning. Since then I’ve been self quarantined and all my US dates, the Kilkenny Roots Fest in Ireland, and a Solo Tour in the UK have all been cancelled or postponed. The priority until further notice is to stay in and keep ourselves healthy in hopes of getting this virus under control.In the meantime, I will be scheduling some livestream shows to try and make up in some small way for the cancelation of these tours. These performances will be intimate, in that, not only will I be performing in my home but also that each performance will be limited to 5 people. The idea is that if you and some friends or acquaintances are interested in a show, get in touch (but don’t touch), and split the cost of a show ($100). You can choose from the below pre scheduled showtimes and in doing so you will receive two free guest list spots to any future headlining show (you’ll have to arm wrestle for them when it’s safe to touch each other again).I was very much looking forward to these upcoming tours and I am grateful for the opportunity to still play live in some capacity so if you’ve any interest in trying things this way for a little while then, let’s go for it. Thanks for your understanding and support, and I hope to see everyone in person as soon as possible.Carson