Clash Premieres New William The Conqueror Song 'Pedestals'

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017

Clash have shared Pedestals, the latest single from William The Conqueror's forthcoming debut album, Proud Disturber Of The Peace, which comes out this Friday 4th August. Take a little look at the article here.Meanwhile, Record Of The Day have picked Pedestals as their... yeah, Record Of The Day! Here's what they have to say about it: "This track is an excellent starting point to introduce you to their debut album Proud Disturber Of The Peace... Musically, a combination of lo-fi slacker rock and folk is evident throughout. Lyrically it’s something of a confessional song that’s designed as a warning to Ruarri’s kids not to do what he did during his misspent youth and beyond."Singer & songwriter Ruarri tells us, "We snuck it in last minute.  Harry hit that drum beat in a soundcheck one day and the song just fell out, must've needed writing.  Would've been rude not to include it.  It's confessional I guess, or maybe a warning to my kids not to do what I did and think their parents are immune from making mistakes.  If you don't build me up, you can't knock me down."