Courtney Marie Andrews' New Album 'May Your Kindness Remain' Is Out Now

Tuesday, 27th March 2018

It is and we're losing track of all the incredible reviews it has been getting. If you're quick, you can still pick up a copy of the limited edition gold vinyl available here or from your favourite independent record shop.Here's a lengthy but by no means definitive list of praise the record has so far received.

"May Your Kindness Remain confirms Andrews’ rise. It’s a brilliant record, proof that old forms can still be timeless."★★★★★THE GUARDIAN

"Andrews may be the finest young singer-songwriter in America"THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

"astonishingly beautiful""There are some staggering love songs on May Your Kindness Remain, and there are also songs about needing love, about requiring that sort of empathy.""a head-spinning discovery, a warm and gorgeous and fully formed piece of work. The kindness isn’t just in the lyrics. It’s in the way music like this can nourish you, can make your insides glow. An album like this can be a refuge."ALBUM OF THE WEEKSTEREOGUM

"She manages to expand her sound pallet and let shine her images of the other America even more powerful. And as singer she really takes a chance" ★★★★ROLLING STONE DEUTSCHLAND

"...the new record sees her exercising a different set of musical muscles from those that have drawn her comparisons with Joni Mitchell. 'Kindness' is awash in church organ, lush harmonies, and a soaring, impassioned lead vocal from Andrews, whose twang quivers and shudders as she scales the song's climactic final refrain."ROLLING STONE

"Like Ronstadt once did, Andrews now places supple, expressive vocal performances front and center in handsomely melodic compositions and folk-rock arrangements with soft country, soul and pop accents.""The singing on Andrews' new album is especially emotional. There's a sob to her vibrato, and the notes she belts in her upper register are inflamed with feeling.""A big part of what gives these ten songs their grounded power is Andrews' attentiveness to how external hardships can feed inner turmoil, and how difficult it is bearing deprivation in utter isolation. She doesn't just tell us these truths; she makes us feel them poignantly, and right on time."NPR MUSIC

"a hell of a singer-songwriter…"STEREOGUM

Hottest Tracks: Kindness Of Strangers"the Seattle-based country-rocker channels Tom Petty on a real heart-tugger of a track."THE SUNDAY TIMES

"Cool country singer Courtney brings in a gospel groove, ending up midway between Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston"NME

"The tune couples soulful crooning with elements of gospel and rock, which suggests a new step for the acoustic folk artist. But her classic and timeless sound still remains, recalling the likes of Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, and Lucinda Williams."AMERICAN SONGWRITER

"Kindness of Strangers" rules....incredible cut...And what a voice she has — it always lifts me up"THE FADER


"The imagery of the average Courtney Marie Andrews song is so vibrant, it sucks you straight into the story.""…you can’t overlook the soaring vocal performances Courtney Marie applies to her words and stories.""…she’s a rising star that could prove to be a generational talent, with May Your Kindness Remain being one of those records you return to for years."8.5/10SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC


"This is quite simply breathtaking music from a rising star."RECORD OF THE DAY

"There’s something exceptional about her delivery. Something timeless and measured and true."LAURA BARTON, MUSIC WEEK

"by now Courtney Marie Andrews has developed a cult status in the UK and with the new longplayer she will definitely extend her following" 8/10CLASSIC ROCK DEUTSCHLAND

"The comparisons to Emmylou Harris this 27-year-old Phoenix native has received are only reinforced by her understated heartache... loneliness and melancholy rarely sound this positive." ★★★★Q

"10 new tunes that are lusher and more expansive while leaving plenty of room to showcase her astonishing voice.""a rare blend of power and feeling that can bring you to your knees." 8.1/10PASTE MAGAZINE


"Courtney Marie Andrew’s soft echoing voice is taken to newer, soulful heights…Admiring the great soul singers of our time, Andrews’ proves she can hang with any of them."OLD ROOKIE

"In the last few years multiple voices have emerged that could bring the promise of greater balance to fruition, and possibly none as strong and compelling as Courtney Marie Andrews.""The title track of the new record gives hope to the downtrodden, reaffirming that regardless of the adversity and outcomes in life, never sacrifice your greater parts, because they could still have a purpose in the future."SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC

" another magical offering, the antiquated glow of Andrews’ craft matched by that striking lead voice which has already cleared such a pathway for her, each release seemingly carrying her further and further towards 2018’s illustrious peak."GOLD FLAKE PAINT

" a rich folk ballad that showcases the full range of Andrews' dynamic, remastered- vinyl vocals, "I've Hurt Worse" waltzes through a whole slew of lovers' excuses, centered on a gentle crescendo of piano. Produced by Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan) it's one of many moments on May Your Kindness Remain, that show a sophisticated understanding of what humans are able to sacrifice just to love and be loved – or even to simply make it through the day."ROLLING STONE COUNTRY

"Her emotive voice and illustrative lyricism make her a necessary minister in these modern times."THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION

"Some vocalists seem born to sing about sorrow, the catch in their voices conveying emotion with an intensity others can only dream of. Andrews is a natural in this department. …Backed by a superb band, the Arizonian alternates between fragile keen and full-throated roar, both mesmerising"★★★★THE SUNDAY TIMES

"an impressive balance between darkness and light, between the vulnerable and the strong, seeking out the worthwhile in the everyday... An album of sustained emotional connection that leaves you all the better for hearing it"★★★★THE IRISH TIMES

"Right now no one sings Americana more beautifully than Courtney Marie Andrews. Her fourth album is a sad and warm revelation."AFTONBLADET

"Courtney Marie Andrews is a rising superstar in the world of Americana music.""…Andrews portrays strength and honesty in a way that captivates."KEXP

"In a world gone mad, her gospel-tinged Americana can get you through a shitty day or two."HEAR YA

"Shot through with compassion, hymnal qualities and an innate understanding of the human condition, it brings to mind the likes of Carole King or Linda Ronstadt… remarkable" 9/10BELFAST TELEGRAPH

"A real emotional slower burner, May Your Kindness Remain is an ode to seeing the good in people – there’s a real purity and tenderness to it."CRACK IN THE ROAD

"May Your Kindness Remain" is the gorgeous new track from country babe Courtney Marie Andrews."WONDERLAND MAGAZINE

"the new tracks impress with a unique and timeless sound, that connects Indie-Folk-Rock and Country outstandingly"PLATTENLADENTIPPS

"The title track/lead single off her upcoming album May Your Kindness Remain combines Joni Mitchell-esque folk with gospel harmonies, and it’s really a next-level song for this kind of stuff."33 ARTISTS WE'RE EXCITED TO SEE AT SXSW 2018BROOKLYN VEGAN

"Courtney Marie Andrews is an exceptional talent."RADIO EINS

"there’s no doubt that expectations have been met and surpassed"FOLK RADIO

"Combine Andrews’ remarkable twangy expressive vocals with insightful songwriting and top-notch production from Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Emmylou Harris) and the result is her stunning sixth album – May Your Kindness Remain... Andrews is a powerhouse... Stunning, often riveting, Andrews has indeed found a new groove." 9/10GLIDE MAGAZINE

"outstanding , down-to-earth songwriting and singing putting a lump in your throat and an ache in your belly"VÄRMLANDA FOLKBLAD

"Courtney Marie Andrews has a classic folk voice, which is remindful of the Grandes Dames of the genre, like Emmylou Harris and Joan Baez and she has worth hearing stories, that are toldwith verve and dignified vocabulary"★★★★★MÜNCHNER MERKURE

"…a haunting blend of classic country, folk-rock, and reflective singer/songwriter pop.""…May Your Kindness Remain impacts with these evocative snapshots of the 99-percent, but it also does so with Andrews' rich voice and melodicism as well as a lingering sadness."ALL MUSIC

"outstanding , down-to-earth songwriting and singing putting a lump in your throat and an ache in your belly"★★★★BUZZ MAGAZINE



"The music of Courtney Marie Andrews is the best in the country genre you can listen to right now"JUNGE WELT

"‘May Your Kindness Remain’ displays remarkable pathos and masterful musicianship that makes these brand new songs feel like old friends. ‘I’ve Hurt Worse’ is straight from the Bob Dylan songwriting wheelhouse, while ‘Two Cold Nights in Buffalo’ hits all the Americana sweet spots, culminating in one of the most soulful songs you’ll hear this year.""classic country with a modern message."DORK MAGAZINE

"There is a sort of in-built confidence and class here to lift this above the norm""a record that deserves any accolade that comes its way. Awards and acclaim will surely follow too, because make no mistake, "May Your Kindness Remain" is one of the Americana albums of the year." 9/10MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

"Courtney Marie Andrews took a long time to arrive. But she has definitely come to stay." 8/10PLATTENTESTS

"The lead single and title track of the album May Your Kindness Remain surfaced earlier in the week and it sounds absolutely brilliant. She is phenomenal and her songs always move me deeply. I can hardly wait to hear the full album."ONE CHORD TO ANOTHER

"one of those longing, homely bops you can’t help but love" (on 'Kindness of Strangers')PRESS PLAY OK

"consistently impressive album" ★★★★THEMUSIC.AU

" the actual substance of May Your Kindness Remain is triumphant" ★★★★THANK FOLK FOR THAT

"not a typical On-The-Road Album, in fact Andrews orientates herself in the tradition of country singers like Bobby Gentry, K.T. Oslin oder Tammy Wynette, definitely not the worst recipe, especially when it is presented so high quality and coherent like here)"GOOD TIMES

"If you love Gram Parsons or Joni Mitchell, it’s well worth hanging out on her porch." ★★★★THE SCOTSMAN

"A gorgeous dose of Courtney’s Joni Mitchell-esque folk that brings in some unexpected distorted guitar, gospel-inspired harmonies, and more. It’s more proof that Courtney is a force to be reckoned with"BROOKLYN VEGAN

"a genuine rootsy singer-songwriter collection of songs. Her strong narrative voice and even stronger vocals feel truer than ever on May Your Kindness Remain."NO DEPRESSION

"a wonderful, layered, timeless album. It’s filled with stories that tug at your heartstrings and feels as though it could have easily been released in the 1960s or 1970s as much as today. Andrews is a fantastic storyteller and fills her songs full of emotion, meaning you truly connect with her and her characters. It’s a beautiful record"ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS

"a stunning record with the essence of an artist pushing their sound & reaching their peak at the same time. There is an effortless flow to the whole record, which crucially never outstays it’s welcome at a lean ten tracks. Undoubtably one of the years musical highlights so far."MCR LIVE

"A wonderfully produced album, which showcases the enormous talent in Ms. Andrews, May Your Kindness Remain, may it flourish, for Courtney Marie Andrews it certainly does deserve it."LIVERPOOL SOUND AND VISION

"this is stunning. Here Andrews steps out beyond just simple country music to something bigger, bolder, warmer and more soulful... In a world that seems harsher and ever more judgemental than before, Andrews takes a step back with this piece of powerful beauty and offers a simple antidote to the subject of her song: "If your money runs out and your good looks fade, may your kindness remain."BREAKING MORE WAVES

"Courtney Marie Andrews is BACK and sounding better than EVER... this really is one of the coolest tunes that could happen to me at the beginning of this year (any year, really… a freaking awesome song"QUEEN BEETCH

"Courtney has no trouble exceeding expectations. She sounds wise beyond her years on May Your Kindness Remain (she’s 27), and the music sounds imported from a past era without feeling retro or unoriginal."BROOKLYN VEGAN

"Highly recommended - ALBUM OF THE WEEK"★★★★FALMOUTH PACKET

"a musically upbeat album and the proud songs radiate intimacy, compassion, warmth, astute scrutiny while Courtney's full-on, superb vocals keenly reflect her liking for Motown and the soul singers who have long inspired and moved her such as Aretha Franklin."FATEA

"her commitment to the traditional country aesthetic pays off in spades on ‘May Your Kindness Remain’. The album’s beauty lies in its simplicity, which highlights Andrews’ delicate balance of grit and grace." 9/10THERE GOES THE FEAR

"It was a hard task to top Honest Life but Andrews has made it seem effortless. This will no doubt be at the top of many albums of the year lists. And deservedly so."YORKSHIRE TIMES

"Delicately sung and immaculately presented, Courtney Marie Andrews is the architect of a record that should act as a country/folk blueprint in 2018. A journey, a journal, a lesson, this album is a classic."THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH

"Courtney Marie Andrews cements her position as a break-out Americana artist of note." 8/10AMERICANA UK

"a sublime album which cements Andrews’ status as a major artist."BLABBER 'N' SMOKE

"we’ll be hearing a lot more of Courtney Marie Andrews this year." 4/5NARC

"take the time to absorb the gorgeous voice of CMA and this latest, exquisite collection" 9/11THE ROCK CLUB

"Once again Andrews sings from the heart, delivering an album of personal and very intimate songs that see her laying her soul bare for everyone to see." 9/10REVIEW GRAVEYARD

"Brilliant Americana" 4.5/5WRITTEN IN MUSIC

"This latest release is surely going to be the album that cements her reputation. ‘May Your Kindness Remain’ displays the kind of maturity you’d expect from a Lucinda Williams or Emmylou Harris."GET TO THE FRONT

"Probably one of the most blissfully stunning pieces of music you will hear this year."BUILDING OUR OWN NASHVILLE

"An album like this might well be a classic. Courtney Marie Andrews major breakthrough should come soon! Without any hesitation 10/10 I rated from myself and another aspirant on this year's best album."UPPSALANYHETER