Danny & The Champs back in the Studio + Other News

Tuesday, 4th January 2011

Danny & The ChampsYes indeed, great news, folks - Danny is back in the studio. We've been lucky enough to get a sneaky listen to a couple of demos and they sound fantastic!Other Champs news comes in from radio-land. Click here, you will be directed straight to last Sunday's edition of the Bob Harris Show. Skip to about 1 hr 33 mins into the show and you'll get to hear Danny & The Champs performing "Parakeets" live in session, from back in May 2010.  Bob had some nice words to say about Danny & co - "They should be absolutely huge - their music is wonderful". Too right.Continuing on the radio theme, we take you back to the iPlayer to hear Frank Turner tell the listeners of BBC 6 Music how he believes that Streets Of Our Time is a "phenomenal album"  and that it is 2010's most underrated album. I believe may already have mentioned this before but, well, we like Frank...

“there’s always been a sense of a tasteful restraint to the studio albums but unleashed on stage with their raspy vocals and heartland rock and soul, they’re like a power station on steroids.”


“This is a proper old school live album, makes you want to go to a gig”


“songs like This Is Not a Love Song and and Stay True which come at you one after the other; are destined to make ‘new fans’ wonder why these kids aren’t topping the bill at Glastonbury with their magic formula and bittersweet songs.”