Dawes Gig Feature In The Uncut Newsletter

Tuesday, 19th April 2011

 This week's Uncut newsletter is full of praise for  Loose favourites, Dawes."it becomes entirely clear what it was about them that would have appealed to Robertson. In the three or four numbers they've played so far, you can hear appealing echoes of The Band in the unfolding narratives of their songs, the funky country and R&B licks they play, and in the passionate vocal interplay between the Goldsmith brothers and Tay Strathairn. They've got their Little Feat chops together, too, and there are a couple of tunes where the guitars are pleasingly reminiscent of the prettier end of The Allman Brothers' repertoire.""they're well worth catching if they fetch up anywhere near you."Click on the image to take a look at all of what Uncut editor, Allan Jones had to say about the band's first ever European gig, held at The 12 Bar last Wednesday, 13th April.Sign up for the Uncut newsletter at www.uncut.co.uk.