Dig [Defend Yourself]

Thursday, 21st May 2009

Husband and wife duo Brett and Rennie Sparks are The Handsome Family. Their most recent disc, Honey Moon, finds the Albuquerqueans in a deep Thoreauvian obsession with the three "L's" of country: lovin', leavin' and longin'.THIS ALBUM GOES FROM A STARDUSTY SLOW DANCE TO LOVERS GETTING BUSY IN A CORNFIELD.Brett: The first song had to be the first song and the last song had to kind of be the last song.Rennie: I had pie charts, bar graphs ...Brett: Spreadsheets.Rennie: We wrote the whole record on Excel.I THOUGHT YOU WERE ANTITECHNOLOGY.Brett: This record wouldn't exist without technology!YOUR LOVERS REFLECT ON NATURE. EVERY BIRD, EVERY BROOK, EVERY TREE EXISTS JUST FOR THEM.Rennie: The trees aren't really bending towards us because you're in love. It just feels that way.YOU'VE GOT A LOVE SONG FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF AN INSECT. IS LOVE AN OBSESSION?Rennie: I have no problem thinking from an insect's point of view. When you read about insects and observe them, you can make the argument that they're way more romantic than human beings ever will be. Everything they do is about finding the beloved. It's all dancing and singing and trying to woo someone.Brett: They just want to screw. That's all they want to do.SO WHAT'S THE SONG THAT, WERE IT TO COME ON THE JUKEBOX, YOU WOULD HAVE TO DANCE?Rennie: Meaning one of our songs?Brett: Oh, we'd run completely from the room!Both: Our song is "My Prayer" by the Ink Spots.