Felice Brothers join Radcliffe & Maconie

Wednesday, 21st October 2009

Mark and Stuart were joined last night by The Felice Brothers (plus band mates Greg Farley and Christmas Clapton) from New York's Catskill Mountains. The band are currently touring Europe and performed in session for the show playing 'Katie Dear', 'Endless Night' and 'Rise and Shine'. The band also hung around to discuss visiting the UK, The Catskills (fires and drug abuse!) and The Duke & The King.The Felice BrothersThe band are live tonight at the Sheppards Bush Empire (SOLD OUT).You can listen again for the next week via the BBC iPlayer.Listen Again21st October 2009, BBC Radio 2, The Radcliffe & Maconie show.The Felice Brothers at the Loose Shop.