Felice in the UK

Wednesday, 3rd September 2008

They came, they saw, they conquered! The Brothers Felice played a raucous week of shows that made many a new friend across seven sold out shows. They did find the time to drop in on a few radio stations as well for all of those who couldn’t get out and about. Coverage and sounds below.Allan Jones's Uncut Diary:They look, famously, on the cover of last year’s Tonight At The Arizona album, like the wayward off-spring of The Band, with whose songs and music their own colourful excursions into the hinterlands of ‘the old, weird America’, as essayed by Bob and The Band on The Basement Tapes, are frequently compared... ContinuedNeil McCormick in The Telegraph:The Felice Brothers are probably the most enthralling band currently to be seen anywhere in the world right now. Their show last night at the 100 Club in London left this veteran gig goer (and everyone else in the audience) exhilarated, moved and beaming from ear to ear. Think about The Band with Bob Dylan as resident lyricist, The Clash with an emphasis on joy rather than rage, The Pogues with more musical finesse and better singing. They have the gear changes of the E Street Band, the sense of audience communion of The Libertines. They really are that good. And they are on fire... ContinuedBBC Radio Two - 'Bob Harris Country'On Thursday 5th June Bob features a session from The Felice Brothers. An authentic outlaw country band from the Catskill Mountains of New York Ian, James and Simone Felice are three brothers (of seven children) who formed the band in 2006 with their friend Christmas Fraley, previously a traveling dice player.Spin MagazineTaking cues from their larger-than-life Americana predecessors, namely Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, the Felice Brothers specialize in boozy, rambling tales of backwoods nostalgia told in rootsy piano, guitar, and drum renderings.... Continued