Folk Radio Give Away New Song From The Handsome Family

Thursday, 24th January 2013

TheHandsomeFamily-2013Visit Folk Radio UK for an exclusive download of new Handsome Family song 'Woodpecker', the first song to emerge from forthcoming new album 'Wilderness', out on May 13th. Rennie explains for us what it's all about :-"Woodpecker is from our upcoming new record entitled, Wilderness which is a record all about animals (wildebeest, frogs, glow worms, octopuses…). Each song also is linked to a book of essays and art that I am simultaneously releasing also called, Wilderness. Woodpecker is about the amazing hearing of woodpeckers. They can hear larvae crawling through a dead tree while they are flying by overhead, but it is also about Mary Sweeney, the Wisconsin window smasher of 1896. She was arrested over 100 times trying to smash windows. She could give no reason why. Did she get upset seeing her reflection in the glass or was she able to see something inside the pane that no one else could see?"Tickets for their UK tour dates in May are on sale now.