Frankie Lee Song Of The Week at The Bluegrass Situation

Saturday, 4th June 2016

Frankie Lee's 'High And Dry' is featured as The Bluegrass Situation's Song Of The Week.

"With a soft, lightly rasped voice set to warm acoustic strums and tasteful, twangy embellishments touched by a polished sheen, Lee isn’t your everyday interpreter of heartland roots-rock: "High and Dry," like much of his debut LP, American Dreamer, doesn't just fall back on a cascade of guitars and hard denim, shouting his feelings to buck-the-man percussion. Instead, he channels his youth growing up in the small town struggle into songs where atmosphere is just as important as aggression, if not more so -- it's a gentler call to arms, which, with his lyrical power and a keen craftsmanship that doesn't always rest on simple Americana tropes, is often far more effective."
Take a look at the full article HERE and listen to the song below.