Frontier Ruckus' New Album Enter The Kingdom Out Today

Friday, 17th February 2017

Frontier Ruckus' fantastic fifth album, Enter The Kingdom is out today on CD, 180g transparent gold(ish) vinyl and as a download. Find it HERE in the Loose Shop. Don't miss them when they return to Europe in March - find tour dates via You might also like to take a look at THIS Frontier Ruckus video playlist.Now here are some of the nice things that people have been saying about the new record :-

"this is some of their loveliest work yet - as long as they keep making albums this beautiful, this poetic, I couldn't be happier"★★★★★NARC. MAGAZINE

"a swaying invitation into the suburban American household, offering a dreamy glance back into a past forgotten life. Like flicking through Polaroids, the sense of analogue expression is infectious - fusing 1960s folk rock and 1990s power pop"AESTHETICA

"Well-educated, literary-inclined American songwriters are hardly thin on the ground, but Frontier Ruckus’s Matthew Milia’s poetic inclination always sets him apart."MOJO

"Frontier Ruckus don’t sound like a band wrenched out of their comfort zone, more one entering a perfectly judged groove. Emotional yes, but not broken, troubled sure but beautiful – undeniably."FOR THE RABBITS

"With so much chaos in the world at the moment, this is just what we need. Without a doubt this is an album that will take you on a journey and hold your hand during it."VULTUREHOUND

"Full of muted desperation, Milia conjuring a less-than-cosy world of strip malls, Prozac and missed opportunities with humour and pathos."UNCUT

"a band at the top of their game, primed and ready for discovery by a whole new audience... frontier ruckus have doubled-down on what it is that makes them unique, and in doing so have succeeded in adding a new level of orchestrated depth to their countrified folk tales, further cementing Enter the Kingdom with that oh-so-hard-to-find ‘timeless’ quality."9/10SOUNDBLAB

"Enter The Kingdom is a pleasure to experience on every level; there’s an air of endearing optimism that rings throughout, creating what will likely be one of the most engaging records of the year."EAST OF 8TH

"their poignant yet hopeful music has us hooked"THE REVUE

"this is Morrissey living in Detroit and sitting out on the veranda"★★★★GOD IS IN THE TV

"Enter The Kingdom is an absolutely gorgeous album from a highly underrated group."YORK CALLING

"It’s easy to see how Frontier Ruckus have earned the praise they have already received and if this album is anything to go by they look set for greater heights."NE:MM

"Milia invites listeners to "Enter the Kingdom" of this downbeat drama by enticing us with his sugary voice and songs that cuddle and swath with deceptive beauty"AMERICAN SONGWRITER