In Pursuit of your Happiness

Wednesday, 15th July 2009

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the 'Ciao My Shining Star' compilation album, we have made Mark Mulcahy's critically acclaimed solo album "In Pursuit of your Happiness" available in the Loose shop for the first time.For a limited time you can buy the album for only £8.00 direct from Loose HQ. "In Pursuit of your Happiness""Majestic, mind-blowing, quite marvelous - your happiness is assured if you purchase this record" - The Sun"This is his finest hour; as sensual and candid as a great torch album" - Mojo"Mulcahy is no browbeater; you must let this grow on you like a subtly lovely plant" - Evening Standard "Mulcahy's misanthropic literacy is wonderfully offset by the naked piano and string arrangements and is given full flight on the superb closing He Vanished - the sort of song you never want to end." - The Metro"His songs cast their spell long after the record’s finished, scratching away at your subconscious until you go back of your own volition." - Observer Music Monthly"Terrific - his third solo album opens wounds and plays with the patterns as the blood runs free" - The Guardian "A career best - the kind of magic that unites the Yorkes and Hornbys of this world" - The Times "He sings with the old, vaulting abandon that once led Thom Yorke to dub his voice the most beautiful in the world. A welcome and substantial return to form." - Uncut "the songs are intimate, intelligent, wise and melodic. But the really special thing is his voice: such range, such texture, such honesty - it's gorgeous" - The Daily Telegraph "In Pursuit of Your Happiness" has so many golden, and even diamond-encrusted, moments that the jewellery industry might consider stocking it in glass cabinets. Make sure you grab a copy before they do, because records this good are a seriously rare and precious commodity" - Delusions of Adequacy "The albums 49 minutes flow so smoothly that when it's over you just really want to hit the 'play' button again to delay the comedown...mission accomplished mark, my happiness has been achieved." -"Sublime - a softly ebbing comedown of a record" - Independent On Sunday"A rare and subtle talent to be cherished hugely - variously recalling the psychedelic folk of Astral Weeks-period Van Morrison, the dulcet moodiness of Mark Lanegan, or the yearning of Jacques Brel" - The Sunday Telegraph"Brooding, self-lacerating reflections, delivered in a cracked, tremulous tone" - The Independent "Treads the line between hope-filled joy, and the more sombre brand of devlish introspection that plagues the soul in the early hours of a whisky-soaked morning." - Artrocker "Imaginative and lyrically distinctive - a satisfying, grown-up record that's difficult to second-guess" - Classic Rock