Israel Nash's New Album "Lifted" Is Out Today

Friday, 27th July 2018

Israel Nash's new album "Lifted" is out today and we're sure you'll agree with us when we say it's his best yet. Here are some of the wonderful things that people have been saying about it:-

"‘Hippie Spiritual’ LP is a thing of wonder… Who can get enough of music as good as this?"9/10UNCUT

"A huge slab of cosmic country prog…"★★★★Q

"Nash makes cosmic Americana his own"★★★★THE TIMES

"Once again Israel Nash manages to create a manifest of confidence, which is one of a kind" 9/10CLASSIC ROCK DE.


"With "A Day in the Life"-type harmonies, Israel Nash’s new song "Rolling On" is the perfect headphones listen. The Texas singer-songwriter, who mixes folk, rock and psychedelia on his upcoming album Lifted, is proving a master of sonic textures, experimenting tirelessly at his home studio in Dripping Springs, Texas. On "Rolling On," he finds his inner guru, extolling the virtues of keeping your head in the clouds while still persistently marching forward." ROLLING STONE COUNTRY

"Expansive and intimate, personal and universal, spawned of despair but fuelled by hope, it flies on a higher plane. Book a seat." FOLK RADIO

"gets as close to heaven as music can take you… a perfect fusion of Americana, psychedelia and vocal harmonies – mostly recorded by Nash with himself – and poetic lyrics inspired by nature" LOUDER THAN WAR

"Nash pulls his listener into an intriguing extraterrestrial universe…. what he does, he does great. Outstanding even… With Lifted Nash shines in all its glory."OOR

"he is writing songs that sound like they could have come from the pen of either Cat Stevens or Brian Wilson. And they’re up the with the best work of both, which goes some way to giving you an idea of just how important an artist the Texan has now become.""Israel Nash has never released a more huge sounding record than this, and it seems to suit him perfectly. In a perfect world, such as the one you find yourself in as it plays, it would be huge. It ought to be massive in the real world too…" GOD IS IN THE TV

"Lifted lives up to its title, a sprawling upward glance that billows and soars with each ringing refrain, offering the impression that Nash is in full celebratory mode." PASTE MAGAZINE

"a stellar release that soars with meticulously crafted, multi-hued rock and psychedelia" THE CRACK

"The blend of lushness and rusticity is beguiling, and there’s a directness this time that promises a breakthrough"MOJO

"one of the finest Americana records of the year so far"ALBUM OF THE MONTH★★★★★FOPP

"Nash is a maestro"THE INDEPENDENT

"folk -rock visionary"MOJO

"Nash is a maestro and, although less experimental than previous efforts, his cosmic almost dreampop Americana featured here provides proof that music comes in many sounds as well as names."THE INDEPENDENT

"using little sparks of inspiration to create art as magnificent as Lifted, an album where Nash’s gift for thoughtfully portraying universal messages manifests at the core, encouraging the listener to gain grander insight into the world, opening one’s mind in ways they couldn’t imagine."NO DEPRESSION

"Expansive, lush, exquisite – Lifted is unlike anything you’ve heard. It’s therapy for the soul." 8/10GLIDE MAGAZINE

"a warm and rich analogue production that combines elements of folk, West Coast rock and 1960s psychedelia to deliver a nourishing, intensely joyful work infused with a cinematic widescreen grandeur."★★★★BIG ISSUE NORTH

"Nash has a knack for unpretentious lyrics and breezy lines that evoke long highways and wide-open skies. There are Beach Boys harmonies and peaceful easy Eagles slide guitar, moments that borrow from Neil Young or Jerry Garcia, spun into a heartbreakingly lush mix all his own. It’s a boost for the ears and the soul, joyful and often quietly glorious." 87/100ELMORE MAGAZINE

"sure to be one of the most memorable albums from a summer of great music"WHISKEY PREACHIN’