Israel Nash "Topaz" Out Today

Friday, 12th March 2021

Israel Nash's new album Topaz is out today and what an album it is!

“Music can be the space where people think––even just for a few minutes. The space is not about changing their lives or political views or their party ticket. It’s about creating something that prompts reflection in a moment––and those reflections have other chain reactions.” - Israel Nash

“Hirsute troubadour summons the big music on slow-burning, soulful sixth, throwing in horns, strings,

choir and kitchen sink to stunning effect”



“slinky, snake-hipped Southern soul”



"Texas-based mellow dude Israel Nash is much like a latter-day Neil Young"



Topaz is out now on beautiful Limited Edition Turquoise vinyl, standard black vinyl and CD. You can pick up a copy over in the Loose shop.