Joana Serrat's New Album 'Dripping Springs' Is Out Today

Friday, 29th September 2017

Joana Serrat's wonderful new album Dripping Springs is out today.  Here's a little bit about it:-

For her fourth album in five years, Joana Serrat travelled from her home in Vic, Barcelona to the Texas Hill Country outside Austin. There she teamed up with Israel Nash at his Plum Creek Sound studio near the town of Dripping Springs. For the recording sessions Nash & Serrat corralled a stellar crew of musicians: Joey & Aaron McClellan, (Midlake, BNQT, John Grant, Israel Nash), Eric Swanson & Josh Fleischmann (Israel Nash), Dave Simonett (Trampled By Turtles) and Dennis Love (Futurebirds), as well as Nash himself providing additional guitar and backing vocals. Israel Nash produced the album, with Ted Young (Grammy award winner for The Rolling Stones) on engineering and mixing duties.It was no mean feat to gather all these creative talents and get them working together as a team, but as Israel Nash commented, "it was very easy to work with Joana because she knows where she wants to go and she leads us all there. Joana’s lyrics are brilliant. She uses images and colours to describe her songs and luckily that’s the way we are used to working." Joey McClellan adds, "her voice was our guide".
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"It's hard to explain why you like a record, sometimes it's just a matter of skin: if it gives you goosebumps, that's it. In other words a record gets to you when it touches something inside, like a kind of spring that triggers a chain of emotions. An artist either has this or not, but it’s something that can never be forced... But all that would mean nothing if Joana Serrat wasn’t rolling in talent and sensitivity in this album, if she didn’t have "that thing" capable of shaking your spirit." 9/10MONDO SONORO

"quieter moments, on tracks such as Farewell and Keep On Fallin', are as gorgeous as the "eternal sunsets" she sings about." 8/10IRISH NEWS

"Spanish singer-songwriter Joana Serrat has channeled one of the coolest alt-country vibes.. songs like Western Cold Winds, Lost Battles and Trapped in the Fog encapsulates all the best dreamy twang that the likes of Neil Young and Mojave 3 are best known for."POWER OF POP

"melodies that are ethereal and atmospheric ...Serrat’s voice is an incredible thing. A stunning softness in places and a powerful vocal in others - she delivers poignant poetry that ties in with the quality of the melodies throughout this album." 8/10THINKING LYRICALLY

"bewitchingly beautiful and interwoven with a loving melancholy"SOUNDS AND BOOKS

"her full identity appears with more presence and personality than ever, placed with the same exquisiteness that intensity of her handling of the roots"RUTA 66

"In short, we dig Joana lots."COME HERE FLOYD