Lana Phones in

Monday, 23rd February 2009

Phoning it inMiss Lana Rebel phoned it in for the excellent "Phoning It In" radio show last week. "lo-fi is the right fi: dj talksonthephone calls up all your favorite musicians for live over-the-phone performances and awkward conversation."Miss Lana Rebel (Last of the Juanitas, Juanita Family and Friends) and Kevin Mayfield phone in a special extended set from the Cherry Sprout Produce Market in Portland, OR. Really, the perfect music for the format. Better than old records of dead people. Witness:"Lana Rebel is the badass matriarch of local dust bowl country. Sounding like the coal miner’s daughter trapped in a collapsed mine, the music of Rebel is gorgeous and morose, a sad waltz of cowgirl balladry that can’t be cured by even the most generous whiskey pour." Nadav, WMBR 02/07/2009SongsI'll Be GoodLi'l BearPurify When I'm GoneLoneliest Love SongDreaming About YouThe Ranger's Command