Listen To The Handsome Family's New Song 'Back In My Day'

Thursday, 4th August 2016

Here we go, another new one from The Handsome Family! Following on from the big reveal of new single Gold last month, Back In My Day is the second song to be shared from the band's forthcoming new album Unseen, which comes out on 16th September.We asked Rennie Sparks to tell us a bit about this new song :-

"Back in My Day grew out of my frustration at the new street lights put up around our house in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It no longer gets dark here. We get a half-twilight orange dusk for a few hours and then the sun comes up again. I miss the dark night. I miss the stars and the calm that comes from looking out into black space. In this darkness-deprived state I can’t be held responsible for whatever false memories pop into my head, but I truly do remember playing music on rings of ice. I remember trying to fold a map. I remember feeling the entire forest watching me as I wandered off into the pines. Brett says all the instruments used to record this song were actually made from ice. He still wears a wristwatch. It may not be removable. He has seen monsters in the sea."

Hear exactly what those ice instruments sound like below.

If you've pre-ordered the new album from iTunes (here) or Amazon Digital (here), you'll be able to claim your download of Back In My Day from tomorrow (5 Aug). Alternatively, reserve a CD or 180g pond green vinyl here, via the Loose Shop, where there's the option to pick up limited edition formats which come with an exclusive "Best Of" bonus CD, plus an exclusive signed print with the LP.