London Lite

Monday, 20th July 2009

Former Felice Brother, Simone Felice, is not known for his joie de vivre. Instead, his muse is shaded with melancholy, hurt and anger. One More American Song, for instance, tells the tale of John who "went in the army, like a lot of them do/ And he got f**ked up over there/ and if you see him now he pushes a shopping cart in the parking lot/ If you call him, he don't hear a thing." Of course, if feathery acoustic guitars, breathy vocals and sumptuous melodies are your thing then queue here because when Felice adds a little blue-eyed soul to his palette, as on the lovely Suzanne and impossibly regretful I’ve Been Bad, you might start to believe this may be one of the (saddest) albums of the Year.- Paul ConnollyDuke and the King London Lite