'LOOSE TALK' with Deer Tick

Friday, 13th April 2012

We do enjoy seeing a good interview with one of our bands. Which is why we've taken it upon ourselves to create a new series of short video interviews with members of the Loose collective, running under the name 'LOOSE TALK'.We successfully managed to talk two members of Deer Tick into featuring in our first two episodes, shortly before taking to the stage for their sold out show at London's Garage last week. Our less than encouraging statements of "this is probably going to be really shit" and "it's just on my phone - I don't know how to work my phone", combined with the fact that we forgot to purchase the all important props beforehand (s'ok, we improvised), somehow failed to put them off. Surely things can only improve from here on in.Amateurish techniques aside, we are pleasantly pleased with the results. Go take a look why don't you.Episode 1: DENNIS RYAN (Deer Tick)Episode 2: JOHN McCAULEY (Deer Tick)