Loose Tom Speaks To Billboard About Americana In The UK

Monday, 23rd October 2017

"U.K. Americana Hits America, and Vice Versa, In New Roots Exchange", states Billboard in the title to their feature, exploring the expanding trans-Atlantic Americana music scene as we head towards what will be the third UK Americana Conference & Awards in January.Contributors to the article included Loose Head Honcho Tom Bridgewater, stating that "What interests Loose is that we can go some way towards breaking American acts in the U.K. before America breaks them."Tom took on his self-imposed challenge of trying to name-check as many Loose artists as possible. UK-based Loose bands, William The Conqueror, Danny & The Champions Of The World and Treetop Flyers all got a mention, along with ascending superstar Courtney Marie Andrews, longtime Loose heros The Handsome Family and Loose alumni, Sturgill Simpson, The Felice Brothers and Hurray For The Riff Raff.Read the full article here.