Monkey Swallows The Universe CD Sale

Friday, 21st January 2011

As regular readers of Americana UK, we spotted that they'd listed Monkey Swallows The Universe's Little Polveir as their video of the day. Filmed at LOOSE's fave west end drinking establishment - The Social. Take a look here.As has become the habit recently for us to offer you a reduced price album coinciding with a little news item, well, yes you guessed it - we're offering you a reduced price album to coincide with this news item.The band's second album, The Casket Letters can be purchased here from Shop LOOSE for a mere £5. It just so happens that it is, in fact, another of those albums that we don't have too many of. And no, we're not just saying that so you all rush to the Loose shop and buy, buy, buy as quickly as your mouse will take you. Although obviously, we would very much like that. Please do.In addition to this, you can also find copied of the 7" single of Little Polveir for sale here, should you so wish to purchase one of those. Only a few left. Really. No pressure.We're listening to the album now, as we type. Had almost forgotten how great this band was. See what you think. This is what The Guardian thought:"If they don’t get some sort of mass media coverage and fellatio for this album it could be a good reason to set fire to your passport and move to Sweden."