Name The Loose Santas To Win A Signed Ltd Edition Danny & The Champs LP

Wednesday, 11th December 2013

It says "Sold Out" in the Loose shop, but we've sneakily held back the last copy of the Champs' amazing new record, Stay True. Yes it's numbered, oh yes it's limited edition and yes, we only went and got it signed by the whole bloody band. We'll even throw in one of the last Champs postcards, with a special code to acquire an exclusive bonus track. As tempting as it is for us to get rich quick and put it on ebay, we couldn't remember our login decided to adopt this so-called Christmas spirit of giving away free shit.Prove yourself worthy of such a prize by matching the 12 Loose Santa collectives & individuals pictured below to their albums (click on the image for a closer look), then email your answers to badsantas@loosemusic.comGet your entries in before Wednesday 18th and we'll announce the winner on Thursday 19th.loosebadsantascompetition