Native Harrow Share New Video For "Shake"

Tuesday, 30th June 2020

Native Harrow are back with new song Shake and details of their new album, Closeness. To mark the announcement, the Pennsylvanian Folk rockers have shared a stunning new video for the single which you can check out below. Speaking on the track and the process behind filming, songwriter and vocalist Devin explains –

"I wrote "Shake" from a place of recovery and deep reflection: of my anxiety, of causes and triggers, of recognizing the healers. Though we all experience it, anxiety is the loneliest place. Ten months after I penned the song, we were tasked to prepare its music video – during a global pandemic. I thought, "what feels lonely?".

With almost no filmmaking skills, no assistance, and nowhere to go, we came up with a story that attempts to reflect not only these times but also my struggle. A set dinner table with the anticipation of guests, the waiting, the no shows, the inner dialogue between reason and pain that ensues… It felt like a fitting depiction of the duality of both personal anxiety and the myriad of emotions we are experiencing because of Covid-19.

Because I tour for a living and am seldom "around", it has been nearly 8 months since I’ve seen my friends and over a year since I’ve been able to see some of my family. And now, who knows how much longer I will have to wait to be reunited with them? This plays out in our "Shake" story where I am left waiting for people who will not, even if they wanted to, show up.

During the second verse, I realize how "good" my mental state is on tour. Tour heals me. Always moving keeps me balanced. I often lean on those memories in moments of loneliness, sadness, and especially of late with the shelter in place orders. The bridge lands on what others say, what the hope is. We push on to see another day and those days add up and eventually, you feel better again.

I allowed myself to experience these emotions in real-time both when I wrote the song and again while creating this video. I sat down for a spell with myself and worked thru the verses, the choruses, and I listened to my own words and let them carry me thru the last drum crash. And then I got up, left the table, and moved on."

Closeness will be released on Loose on 4th September on standard black vinyl, limited edition gold vinyl, CD and digitally. You can pre-order your copy here.