(Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket

Tuesday, 10th September 2013

Listeners of Robert Elms's BBC Radio London show will no doubt already be quite familiar with new Danny & The Champs tune '(Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket', the opening track from the new album, which tells the true story of Danny and his dad hitchhiking to a Fabulous Thunderbirds show.

In Danny's words, the songs is "a tribute to my folks, my dad’s always been a huge music fan. His first job was keeping the jukebox stocked with the hits back in the 50’s in his folks’ Milk bar in Melbourne, so he can name pretty much any doo wop or R‘n’B hit within the opening bars - a great education… He saw Buddy Holly - now there’s qualifications for you."The song is now available to enjoy via Youtube, accompanied by this magnificent, yet entirely space rocket-free video, created by Justin Docherty, the man behind that equally wonderful video for These DaysWatch and share here.Stay True is out on Monday, available on CD, download & limited edition numbered LP. Orders placed through the Loose shop will receive a signed postcode and exclusive bonus track. The band will be touring the UK and Ireland from the end of September, then from November through to December. Find a full list of dates on the Loose live page.Danny & The Champions - Space Rocket

“there’s always been a sense of a tasteful restraint to the studio albums but unleashed on stage with their raspy vocals and heartland rock and soul, they’re like a power station on steroids.”


“This is a proper old school live album, makes you want to go to a gig”


“songs like This Is Not a Love Song and and Stay True which come at you one after the other; are destined to make ‘new fans’ wonder why these kids aren’t topping the bill at Glastonbury with their magic formula and bittersweet songs.”