New Danny & The Champions Of The World Album Out Today

Friday, 30th June 2017

Brilliant Light, the totally brilliant new album from Danny & The Champs is out today! Pick up the double CD, 180g double LP & digital files here. If you're after the limited edition triple versions of the album, which includes the bonus Photogene album, be sure to check your local record shop.


"more hooks than a fisherman's tackle box... It's jam packed with great tunes" ★★★★★DAILY EXPRESS

"Some things remain constant… not least Wilson’s unfailing feel for Southern/Celtic soul melodies, and his eloquence of sentiment never allowing affection for his inspirations to lead him in the direction of pointless pastiche when he could break your heart or make you smile instead" ★★★★MOJO

"Deservedly likened to All Things Must Pass in its scope and ambition, this is assuredly their masterpiece, an aural aurora borealis that will illuminate your musical life."FOLK RADIO

"Stunningly good."SHIRE FOLK



“there’s always been a sense of a tasteful restraint to the studio albums but unleashed on stage with their raspy vocals and heartland rock and soul, they’re like a power station on steroids.”


“This is a proper old school live album, makes you want to go to a gig”


“songs like This Is Not a Love Song and and Stay True which come at you one after the other; are destined to make ‘new fans’ wonder why these kids aren’t topping the bill at Glastonbury with their magic formula and bittersweet songs.”