Online Reviews (overviews)

Friday, 24th April 2009

The Independent website are running an online summery of all the glowing feedback for Honey Moon;"There's a burnt beauty to 'Honey Moon' – something akin to Mark Twain re-written by Edgar Allan Poe – that exerts a deliciously morbid pull on the imagination and the emotions. Satisfaction is guaranteed." - Michael Quinn,"They are certainly very talented. The band show a strong sense of melody and harmony, and lyrically there is a real sense of movement to the songs on 'Honey Moon'. Fans of classic country and Americana will definitely dig this one." -"With such topics covered as grief, love, mourning, relationships and much more, there is some spiritual stuff going on here. And even when those spirits come out at night, they are always greeted with love." - Bryan Sanchez,"Cinematic gloominess and image-rich romanticism make them as much heirs to Nick Cave's 'Murder Ballads' as to the current crop of alt-country/folk revivalists, but the banjo and steel guitar keep this rooted in US music traditions." -