Paper Covers Stone

Friday, 28th August 2009

Released this coming (bank Holiday) Monday (31st August) is the brand new album by California (Via Boston's) Willard Grant Conspiracy.WGCPaper Covers Stone is available RIGHT NOW from the Loose Shop and ships with an exclusive CD copy of the "Trunk in the Attic" EP that will only be available at WGC live shows.Album Track: "Painter Blue"About Paper Covers StoneSometime in 2008, Robert Fisher and David Curry (two original members of the band) started talking about writing and recording a duo record equally weighted between each other’s songwriting. With the release of Willard Grant Conspiracy’s "Pilgrim Road" and the nearly five months of touring in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for Robert and the busy recording and touring schedule Dave keeps with his various efforts the two reluctantly decided, during a conversation around Christmas time in Boston, to put it on hold until both had a little more time away from other work to put towards the effort. Shortly after returning home to California early in the new year, Robert heard from Tom Bridgewater at Loose Records with a suggestion that he would like a new recording of songs from the band’s catalogue; recast in the minimalist style that WGC employs when playing solo, duo, trio or quartet performances that lack a drummer. Never shy about presenting different versions of songs or using varied instrumentation or formations, the request was seen as an opportunity to present a collection of new and old songs in an open, loose and improvisational style similar in approach to a live performance. Seeing a good excuse to record with Dave after all, Robert also asked about the availability of Sean O’Brien (the band’s first electric guitar player) and Pete Weiss (engineer and producer who worked on the second, third and fourth albums) for a session to take place in March in Pete’s rustic Verdant studio hideaway. Finding them all available, time was booked for a session that ultimately included a rare and special addition of fellow songwriter and rock and roll alchemist Steve Wynn who in the last few years has toured and played with the band on many occasions. Recorded live in an old repurposed barn thru a 70’s Neve board that was used on three of the band’s early albums, the band recorded a total of 18 songs in two days as the last of the snow melted outside and the sun did its best to penetrate the deep woods that surround the studio.  Fueled on significant quantities of caffeine, a handful of fine cigars and a modest larder stocked with artisan cheeses culled from the surrounding Vermont dairy farms, the short session shared the easy camaraderie and short hand communications of old friends well acquainted.