Paste Premieres New Frontier Ruckus Video

Thursday, 4th April 2013

Paste Magazine has been awarded the pleasure of premiering the brand new Frontier Ruckus video for Dealerships.We'd struggle to imagine a video more perfectly fitting, it being pretty much everything we'd hope a Frontier Ruckus video to be and, needless to say, we absolutely love it!"A juxtaposition of hazy memories and surreal fantasies" shot in and around the band's hometown of Sylvan Lake, Michigan. Paste reveals that "the childhood home of songwriter Matthew Milia, where his parents still live, serves as the exploded backdrop. Milia wears his grandmother’s nightgown when fighting band member Zach Nichols, who is in his old fencing outfit."Get on over to Paste Magazine to take in the glory that is the new Frontier Ruckus video, perhaps picking up a copy of the album on the way.