Paste Shares Frontier Ruckus's New Song 'Positively Freaking'

Thursday, 2nd February 2017

Paste Magazine have shared another new song from Frontier Ruckus' forthcoming new album Enter The Kingdom. Go HERE to listen to the fantastic Positively Freaking. Songwriter and singer, Matthew Milia, tells Paste:

"I remember learning the word "anxiety" as an 8-year-old—riding with my mom across the Michigan state line once a week for her to attend a group therapy seminar in Toledo. She brought home a collection of self-help cassettes that foreshadowed a world of adult gravity that, at the time, I couldn’t for the life of me comprehend. "Positively Freaking," like much of Enter the Kingdom, catalogs that universal, inevitable divorce from childhood wonder. Grandparents and pets, the mascots of youth, dying off one by one. Finding weird escape in self-destruction. The manic back and forth between existential boredom and emergency. Yet, while we’re alive, springtime keeps rolling around. Little miracles keep creeping up on the horizon to give it all some beautiful, amorphous purpose."
Enter The Kingdom comes out on the 17 February. Pre-orders are happening HERE.