Thursday, 16th July 2009

As of THIS VERY MINUTE you can order the eagerly awaited debut Duke & The King album "NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY" direct from the Loose Record Shop. They will ship Friday to be on your doorstep for it's release this Monday (20th).Nothing Gold Can Stay"Exquisite - already one of my favourite albums of the year" - Allan Jones / Uncut"Songs so perfectly formed they might have been around forever" - Neil McCormick / The Daily Telegraph"They have pulled off a quite remarkable feat on Nothing Gold Can Stay - one of my favorite albums of the year. Each song somehow sounding like a classic, each live performance suggesting we are in the presence of a rare, fiery brilliance." - Laura Barton / The Guardian"Nothing Gold Can Stay already has hovering not sop very far above it the status of a classic" - Dan Cairns / The Sunday Times"Haunted but rapturous. Treasure it." - Gavin Martin / The Mirror"Simply has to be the must-have album of the year so far." - Maverick Magazine"A beautiful sound. I've had some great live music on the show over the years but I dont think we've had any better this, that was just beautiful, so so good!" - Robert Elms / BBC Radio London"Shows the power of music to lift your spirits and make your heart full - absolutely fantastic." - Johnnie Walker / BBC Radio 2