Q: Honey Moon

Wednesday, 15th April 2009

Brett and Rennie Sparks celebrate 20 years of matrimony with eighth album of gothic country. As always the haunted lyrics bear a quaintness that seems so archaic you can almost hear the cogs whirring away inside. Lovers collide and separate, kiss and sigh, please and remonstrate in the most romantic ways, to an accompaniment of guitars, pedal steel, bajos, brushed drums and piano. Brett's baritone either tenderly croons (as on Linger, Let Me Linger, Junebugs and Live Is Like) or wails like a bowed saw (the Loneliness of Magnets ) If it all sounds oh-so-ironic, it isn't; the Handsomes may exist on countrys oddball fringe but they're no comedy act. - Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine<scan>