Record Store Day 2012

Thursday, 19th April 2012

You do know it's Record Store Day this Saturday? We hope you'll all be heading down to your local record shops and joining in with the celebrations. Find a guide to nationwide in-store goings-onĀ here. We'd tell you to "show your support", but a better way of doing that would probably be to keep on going back to visit on any of the other 364 days in a year that aren't Record Store Day. Don't let Sean put you off.

Although Loose won't be adding to the exciting list of exclusive releases this year, we will be sending Danny & The Champs off to visit two of our favourite record shops - Diverse Music in Newport and Badlands in Cheltenham. Marvel at these beautiful posters they created especially.

The Champs are due to put in an appearance amongst the shelves of vinyl at Diverse at around about lunchtime. The Badlands show is a full on evening affair at Subtone, for which tickets are available here.