RIP Charlie Louvin

Friday, 28th January 2011

Charlie LouvinSad news that country legend Charlie Louvin passed away on Wednesday, aged 83.Loose were fortunate enough to meet Charlie when he played the BBC Electric Proms back in 2007, along with both The Handsome Family and Blanche. A proper character.We went in search of a some evidence of this event and were rather thrilled to find that the BBC had done a "minute by minute report" of the gig, along with a few photos.You may find the Charlie Louvin / Handsome Family report over HERE. Example: "21.49 - The Handsome Family have joined Charlie on stage. Renee says they're so honoured, one of them may burst into flames."Fortunately, as far as we are aware, no spontaneous human combustion did occur on this particular night.And you may find the Blanche part over HERE. Example: "21.16 - Oh my goodness Feeny just danced on a table in the audience!"Fortunately, as far as we are aware, no members of Blanche fell off a table and broke their legs, on this particular night.We made a playlist to celebrate the music of Charlie Louvin as there is much music to celebrate. You can't go wrong with a few Louvin Brothers songs. Head on over HERE to give it a listen.