RockShot Premiere New Native Harrow Video Ahead Of Album Release

Thursday, 1st August 2019

Ahead of the release of their new album Happier Now on the 2nd August, Native Harrow's new video for Can't Go On Like This has been premiered by RockShot.Devin tells them, "The song touches on how we all tend to get bogged down in our day to day lives whether that be work, emotions, or stress and in those moments we often deal with it by fantasising about simpler times or what life could be like if we followed the dreams of our childhood. In the video you see me heading out in the early morning to go on a ride, tossing a bouquet of flowers back to the earth, and standing in a warm sunlit river. I cruise through the woods on my bike, abandon it and start running, and finally find myself lost in dance. The video ends with me turning to look back signalling that these day dreams end and reality always comes back into focus."You can check out the video below and order your copy of Happier Now here.In support of Happier Now's release, Native Harrow will be heading to the UK for an extensive month-long tour, full details of which and tickets can be found here.