Sleepingwalking mag

Sunday, 7th June 2009

"I’ve have nothing to say / on Christmass day / when you threw all your toys in the snow…"One of the things I like the most about pop (and music in general), it the unbelieavable amount of fantasy and combinations you can get just putting different people on the same space watching soungs, feelings, ideas get born like fresh plants from a speed up forwarded video from "Discovery Channel".  Even when seeds are planted on the old, waste, rich common ground of the wide traditional American Folk Music. That’s the case of the couple behind  The - oh!mydarling - Handsome FamilyLet’s meet the gang.Mark Zonda: Listening Brett and Rennie it’s suddenly clear that there’s something deep and touching to deal with. Where does this ancient magic came from?Rennie: A secret passageway through a window in the side of Mount Everest that few have ever seen.Mark Zonda: Can a band avoid to compose at least 5 christmas songs? What makes this holiday so special? Wine?Rennie: I think it’s the egg nog. The nutmeg in it is a known hallucinogen.Mark Zonda: Would Nirvana have been a good country band?Rennie: I wouldn’t care if they were good or bad. If I could rewrite history to include a happy, fat Kurt Cobain retired on a farm, strumming ‘turkey in the straw’ on his banjo, that would be enough. I wish we still had him on our planet.Mark Zonda: If Fat Cobain would be still alive, what would his comeback album be named and what it would sound like?Rennie: "The Boy Who Loved the World"Mark Zonda:  The road through your Worldwide tour seems really hard and long. How did you managed to get so many dates and what’s the most exciting thing about touring? The most sticky one?Rennie: The most exciting thing about touring is when you get to do laundry. That, and feeling like you have friends who enjoy your music in many strange places. Parking is always an issue.Mark Zonda: I HATE PARKING! Worst Hard-to-Park situation of the tour? Do you collect more tickets for infractions or for shows?Rennie: No, parking tickets just a lot of scratches and dents and tears.Mark Zonda: "Darling My Darling" is possibly one of your best tracks. The song is very suggestive and walks on its own legs. Where will it go?Rennie: Up the wall and behind the grandfather clock.