The Americans' Debut Album 'I'll Be Yours' Is Out Now

Friday, 7th July 2017

I'll Be Yours, The Americans' debut album is out today. Find it on CD, heavyweight vinyl and at digital music spots via, including Rough Trade, where it's featured as one of Rough Trade's Albums Of The Month. We'll be welcoming the band back to Europe later on in the year, so stay tuned for news on that.Now some quotes :-

"The LA-based musicians draw on early rock'n'roll for their sound and songs, looking wicked-cool while they're at it. The whiskey-soaked rockers and gritty ballads of their debut LP roil with hell-bent immediacy, as frontman Patrick Ferris straddles primal ferocity and haunted vulnerability.8/10UNCUT

"They draw from the great American tradition, with echoes of Springsteen, Guthrie and Chuck Berry. Overall, solid songwriting and top-notch musicianship should get The Americans some much-deserved attention."FOLK RADIO

"Their primal rock'n'roll roots ground this album and vocalist Patrick Ferris's voice bleeds, pleads and yearns... a refreshing spin on heartland music as beloved by fans of Creedence, Tom Petty and Springsteen"★★★★DAILY MIRROR

"From the first rolling guitar notes, carrying sadness and defiance like dust, this sweeps me up: I want to know everything about where that feeling came from, and where it’s going. You’re not surprised when the singer comes in, telling you about how the right stuff is what he doesn’t have, how the place he bet his life on is blowing him out, and as the song careens toward its end he sings louder, the band pushes harder, and what he’s lost seems to cost more with every measure. The Americans are four guys from Los Angeles: This is a tale, somehow steeped in the past, a story that retraces the history of the once ever-advancing, then ever-retreating frontier every time it’s told, that lives up to their name."GREIL MARCUS PITCHFORK

"Genius twenty-first century musicians that are reinventing American heritage music for this century. And it sounds even better this century."T BONE BURNETT

"Guitarist Patrick Ferris, looking like James Dean but even better, and an on-stage persona, as he belts a song and plays guitar, that is like a knife slicing butter on a sunny day."RON WRAY NO DEPRESSION

"The Americans are such a magnificent proposition that they might have to get used to being a huge rock n roll band." 8.5/10MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

"so damn good"★★★★ROCKFARBROR

"They’ve shape-shifted back into the modern-day rock and roll band, writing contemporary music of their time, incorporating the kernel of their traditional roots, enhancing their rock and roll credentials with the emotional quality of music made generations earlier."CARA GIBNEY NO DEPRESSION