The Duke & The King at the Scala

Tuesday, 24th November 2009

Last night after a nightmare journey into the metropolis, I was privileged to attend the gospel according to The Duke and The King. It’s the only apt description of the greatest live show I have ever attended!!!! Man, my body went through every emotion – I cried like a baby to "One More American Song", then laughed, clapped and sang along with the massive crowd to "Summer Morning Rain".- 'If You Ever Get Famous' Live at the Scala.This band from the Catskill Mountains interchange instruments and interact till you feel like the stage has melted away. The whole gig was one big celebration like jamming with friends in the backyard. My thoughts on Simone as a songwriter are well documented, for me he is a 21st Century Woody Guthrie.This is no one man show: Simi Stone displays amazing stagecraft as well as sweet harmonies alongside Bobby Bird and Reverend Loveday. They are mind-blowingly soulful at times and these upbeat songs full of hope counterbalance the more reflective acoustic offerings from Simone’s pen. The Reverend has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard live, wish I could find the words to convey how moved I was last night.The title of the debut longplayer is Nothing Gold Can Stay. I for one hope The Duke and The King do for years to come. As I drifted into the night my soul felt cleansed and my heart full of hope. For that, Simone, Bobby, Simi & Reverend, I thank you.The Duke & The KingThe Duke & The KingThe Duke & The KingThe Duke & The King- - -Many thanks to Giovanna from Sure Shot and Tom from Loose for arrangements! Finally to Shane Allen who supplied the superb photos and company on the long journey!!All images, audio and words were created for the Battery in Your Leg