The Duke & The King tour videography

Monday, 19th October 2009

In this weeks newsletter (you don't subscribe!!!- sign up now to avoid missing out on more of the good stuff!) - we linked up out favorite selection of the video clips to have surfaced on the pages of youtube after the Duke & The Kings most recent trip to the UK.One - If You Ever Get FamousThe Duke and the King Live in London at the Garage for Club Uncut.Two - Long May You RunThe Duke & The King cover classic Neil Young at BAM Fest, Barcelona.Three - The Warm UpBefore a show in Newcastle on Tyne, The Duke and the King get their groove on.Four - In This Place We Call Our HomeThe Deacon (Nowell Haskins) and The King (Robert Burke) try out a new song in the Church of Heavenly Sounds (Chiswick).