The Handsome Family Return With New Single 'Joseph'

Wednesday, 31st May 2023

Seven long years since the release of the last album "Unseen" from The Handsome Family comes their masterpiece "Hollow". The album is released in early September and today sees the release of "Joseph", the brilliant debut single from the album. Listen to the new single and pre-order "Hollow" (8th September) here: 

Regarding “Joseph"
It was the last bleak winter months last year of the pandemic. We had been working on the record the entire time, but at this point the lockdown, isolation, and dread had sapped us of our creative energy. However, we were hoping to write 2 or 3 more standout songs to flesh out the record.At the time we had fallen into a weird alternate sleep pattern. I was in the habit of staying up until 4am before going to bed. Rennie, on the other hand, woke up and began her day at around 5am.One night as I lay in bed waiting to drift into sleep, Rennie started mumbling. Talking in her sleep. She grew louder and louder, til she was screaming “Come into the circle Joseph. There’s no moon tonight.” This was frightening but at the same time compelling. In other words, it would make a great chorus. I got out of bed and wrote the words down. The next day, Rennie added verses—commands, ritual incantations, destructive procedures, investigations, and so on. This song wrote itself.