The Handsome Family's First Two Albums Now Available On Vinyl

Friday, 20th March 2020

Following the inevitable, bad news that The Handsome Family have been forced to postpone their European tour, we bring you some good news: as of today, the band's first two albums - Odessa (1995) and Milk and Scissors (1996) - are available on vinyl for the first time, with the CD also getting its first European release. Find both albums here.Pick up the May issue of Uncut magazine to read a full page review of both albums, alongside a little interview with Rennie.Speaking to Uncut's Allan Jones, Rennie describes The Handsome Family that wrote the two albums as "sad, sick and crazy as fuck" and claims that she was "downing so much cough suppressant I often slipped into 'reptile brain'".

"these records remain individually vital, the first stirrings of an extraordinary musical partnership"Odessa 8/10Milk and Scissors 9/10UNCUT

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