The Handsome Family Share New Video For 'King Of Dust' Ahead Of Their European Tour

Tuesday, 25th April 2017

Mega Spanish music site Mondo Sonoro has premiered The Handsome Family's new video for 'King Of Dust'. Watch it HERE. Rennie tells them:

"Many New Mexicans can trace their family line straight back to the Spanish explorers who came here in the 1600’s with Coronado. The expedition went north from Mexico looking for the rumoured Cibola (the city of gold). The Spanish conquistadors could see the golden city just a few hundred miles ahead as they marched through the glittering desert, but really they were seeing sunlight reflecting on the mountains and no matter how far they travelled they got no closer to the golden towers. Every evening in Albuquerque we remember Coronado’s folly as the sun reaches a certain angle and there are hundreds of traffic accidents. In that explosion of broken glass our city does turn briefly gold in the blinding desert light. When the dust clears we sit in our wrecked cars strangely happy. For a few glorious moments we were there— the empire of the sun. It is hard to return to the Kingdom of Dust after you have seen such beauty, but tomorrow it will come again. And the next day…. We are looking forward to driving through Spain on our quest for glittering light. See you soon in Valencia, Madrid and Avilés. We return from the land of the conquistadors with our pockets full of dust. Bring us your broken glass and we will show you how to find its secret gleam.’’In addition to the three Spanish shows, The Handsome Family will also be visiting Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Find the full list of dates & ticket links HERE.