The New Handsome Family Album Is Out Now!

Friday, 16th September 2016

Happy release day to The Handsome Family, whose absolutely wonderful new record Unseen is out today and available on CD, 180g Pond Green vinyl and all the digital spots.

Have a look at all these lovely things that people have been saying about the album.

"Unseen is The Handsome Family’s masterpiece" ★★★★MOJO

"Beguiling tenth album from American husband and wife duo"8/10UNCUT

"love, harmony and poetry bind in a brilliant way to obscure beats"★★★★ROLLING STONE FRANCE

 "Brilliant."★★★★THE INDEPENDENT

 "You’ve never heard anyone like The Handsome Family, and you never will. Comparisons to any other are futile. Grab this one up and you’ll wear it out."FARCE THE MUSIC

 "Beautifully atmospheric late night listening" 8/10OUTLINE MAGAZINE

"Singular alt country duo at their Gothic finest with songs filled with ghosts, wonders and mystery" ★★★★DAILY MIRROR

"Common wisdom holds that the duo’s finest album is Through The Trees. It may be time to revise that. Look and listen."FOLK RADIO

"Ten songs to woo you, attractive and amorous, some might say 'andsome" ★★★★★MUSIC-NEWS

"Sublime... immerse yourself in something 'other', something dark and beautiful and beyond compare" ★★★★★NARC. MAGAZINE

"Two million YouTube hits later and Rennie and Brett are back with an exquisitely recorded album of midnight dark American folk music, enigmatic and fantastic tales of coyotes, cicadas, sunsets and the reflection of the moon on water."NE:MM