The New Treetop Flyers Album Out Today

Friday, 24th August 2018

Happy Album Release day to Treetop Flyers - their self-titled third album is out today and it's gotta be their best yet. Here are some of the things that people have been saying about the album:-

"this stunning LP is much more than a tribute to the old heroes and ideals: Treetop Flyers transport the spirit of yesteryear into the present with amazing ease."8/10CLASSIC ROCK GERMANY

"a bold, vivid return, one that finds Treetop Flyers pushing themselves further and further"CLASH

"this is the assured sound of a band that has grown into itself and with the certainty that it can carry its audience with it and build an even bigger following on the journey." FOLK RADIO

"effortlessly soulful country rock that reminds you of Van Morrison’s early 70s output"★★★★SCOTTISH DAILY EXPRESS

"As good as their last two releases have been, they’ve taken it to another level for this one, adding such an emotional depth to affairs that the whole thing is really quite breathtaking...""At this rate, Treetop Flyers ought to be household names by the end of the year. The general public has a lot of catching up to do. I kind of envy them for that."8/10GOD IS IN THE TV

"the most confident that Treetop Flyers have sounded in themselves… dreamy, mellow 60s-style melodies interspersed with dashings of psychedelia… it isn’t inconceivable that this latest offering from Treetop Flyers could see them finally gain some proper mainstream recognition." 8/10 AMERICANA UK

"the album’s exceptional allure is undeniably its great diversity of styles"★★★★THE UPCOMING

"Treetop Flyers manage to span the musical geographic spectrum from Old London Town to Laurel Canyon, with a touch of Nashville and New Orleans thrown in for good measure. Since being tabbed as the darlings of the Glastonbury Festival in 2011, the road to success has been slow but deliberate for Treetop Flyers. The pace of that appreciation should pick up considerably with the new recording. There is something here for almost everyone to like, regardless of your musical (or geographic) tastes."9/10SOUNDBLAB

"With this release, Trreetop Flyers could soon be enjoying the widespread appeal that this music deserves"SHIRE FOLK

"A musically erudite album, one that highlights all that is superb in this band."8.5/10LIVERPOOL SOUND AND VISION

"It's always pleasing to see country rock music spread its wings beyond North America, and with 'Needle' the Treetop Flyers not only do that, they do so with grace, style and plenty of natural feeling. This is one very special song, the soulful vibes are everywhere, I am mightily impressed!"BEEHIVE CANDY

"glorious 60s tinged West Coast Americana with a British twist. With warm, rich harmonies, and a summery groove, the song oozes soulfulness."SONG OF THE DAY - Sweet Greens & BluesFOLK RADIO